Ron and Su Farmer’s Mindful Parenting and Mindful Teaching programmes distil the myriad of literature on values education and scientifically-based teaching strategies into the pure essence of Universal Love which is at the heart of any teaching or parenting programme. Their research, both extensive and intensive, puts together a marvellous tapestry of knowledge, practice and wisdom which helps one to pull aside the veil of delusion and find:

“There is only one religion; the religion of Love
There is only one language; the language of the Heart
There is only caste; the caste of Humanity.”

In a world darkened by distraction and dissention, the Mindful Teaching programme brings light and hope with its message of harmony and unity. Utilising ground-breaking research in neuroscience, Su and Ron Farmer have put together strategies which help develop and promote an environment of acceptance where all can feel happy, safe and cared for. It is an environment where every individual’s story is listened to, honoured, cherished and valued. Imagine a school established in such a nurturing space! Surely that place will bring about self-transformation and the blossoming of human excellence.

Su and Ron’s quiet wisdom and truly unconditional love gave me the courage to acknowledge and unmask my own fears and insecurities. Their willingness to share with us and laugh at their own human foibles allowed me to observe my own shortcomings with love and laughter. Through the programme, I was able to retell my story, embracing both fear and pain, seeing with renewed understanding and peace. For that, I am truly grateful.

The experience of a school teacher who participated in the 10-day training on The Mindful Teacher in Human Values Education, in London, UK, August 2016

This course emphasizes the importance of teacher self-transformation in providing human values education to students, with an emphasis on both a peaceful mind and an open heart. And the Farmers so embody what they are teaching. One of the comments I wrote in my journal after the course was, ‘And the Farmers aren’t focused on wanting to trying to change us. They are focused on changing themselves.’ To have such committed, skilled role models is such a blessing.

The experience of a psychologist who participated in the 9-day training on the Mindful Teacher in Human Values Education, in California, USA, January 2017

My search for the meaning of values in my life began quite early, and there is no doubt for me that commitment to living from the values of Peace, Love, Truth, Right Action and Non-Violence have brought about extraordinary transformation. Similarly, I have practised mindfulness over several years and seen the benefits of living consciously in the present moment. Although I was already on this path, the course with Ron and Sue has ‘turbo charged’ this process and I am extraordinarily grateful for their amazing clarity and the personal example that they have shared with us. The intense focus over the two-week process has deepened my understanding and commitment and taken me the next step on the journey. I have become more aware of the importance of acting from the five Human Values in all my behaviours. I spend more time in observing myself at times of emotional challenge, rather than being sucked into, and overwhelmed by the emotions; for this I am particularly grateful.

The experience of a school counselor, who participated in the 10-day training on The Mindful Teacher in Human Values Education, in Ormeau (QLD), Australia, April 2015

The effect the course had on me whilst participating in it was profound. The course felt like an accelerated spiritual journey and Heart-opening through the active immersion in and inner experience of the five Human Values. The course guided me into the realization that the five Human Values lie within as aspects of the Limitless Divine. The intensity and retreat-like nature of the course led me to a very heightened experience of Divinity and Unity. The focus on mindfulness is beginning to enter my thinking in the smaller episodes of life. This is helping me to be not only present and more attentive but centred and more thoughtful in appraising situations as they arise and bringing to them the required response.

In my life I am sure, on a deeper level, there has been a significant shift in my way of being in the world. At quieter moments, aspects of the course will be presented to my conscious mind and these I try and hold on to or build on to apply to my life. I am beginning to be aware that when the Human Values are present, then Divinity is present.

The experience of a teacher in a special school, who participated in the 10-day training on The Mindful Teacher in Human Values Education, in Perth (WA), Australia, July 2015

If all hearts are like yours, all there is will be unbounding love
If all understanding are like yours, there will be zero violence
If all actions are like yours, then everyone will be righteous
If all thoughts are like yours, we will certainly know no lie
If all feelings are like yours, the entire universe will be at peace
These six days have been an instant therapy healing wounds of years.
I am blessed to know you, I am more blessed to meet you, I am most blessed to be taught by you.
I love you, my transformers,
I love you, my inspirers,
I am your number one fan,
I will miss you so much
So much love
From your transformed daughter

The experience of a teacher, who participated in the 6-day retreat on The Mindful Teacher in Human Values Education, in Nigeria, August 2016

I have been judging everyone including my husband in my entire life. After taking the courses, I realized that this is not the right thing to do. I decided to call my husband this morning and I told him for the first time that I love him from the bottom of my heart and we are all surrounded by an ocean of love! I could not resist telling him this because I wanted him to also be transformed and become as happy as I am right now. Because I have been transformed and told him this from the bottom of my heart, he got this message and received it sincerely. He even had to tell about this to our son! Thus I experienced the wisdom that when we ourselves are transformed, others too will be transformed. I believe that this is the essence of understanding and practising the five Human Values, and I felt that there is nothing that cannot be solved by love.

The experience of a 67-years-old lady who participated in the 2-day workshop on Mindful Parenting for a Meaningful Life and in the 3-day retreat on The Noble Role of Teachers, in Japan, December 2016

When I decided to attend this course I was thinking that it would be just another regular Human Values course based on typical dualistic experiences. However, these two beautiful teachers, Dr.Ron and Suwanti, quite unexpectedly released me from my dualistic world into an intense space of time lasting 72 hours that was separated from both past and future.

I was astonished by the way they were able to reveal in a logical and simplistic manner the most difficult wisdom of all, which is that this world does not exist in reality. I had believed that experiencing this truth was only possible with the help of angels; however I have been stunned by this couple’s most logical and simplistic use of words and methods that have allowed me to liberate my mind from this non-existing world. These two teachers clarified what is truly existing by accurately identifying the nature of flickering light and the illusions created by our mind that are not supposed to exist. They reactivated the Peace that has been existing from the beginning of the time, and this Peace reminds us of the one eternal consciousness that has been existing from the time eternal. We, the participants were resurrected or perhaps reborn. These words cannot describe such an experience; however, one thing is for sure, and that is that I am not the same person as existed 72 hours ago. This had been my literal experience.

The experience of an enthusiastic artist in middle age who participated in the 3-day retreat on The Noble Role of Teachers in Japan, December 2016