Transformation of the heart is true education

Our courses encourage students, teachers, parents and individuals to strive towards living the five universal Human Values


Workshop in Human Values Education

1. Certificate One and Certificate Two

This workshop gives training in both Certificate One and Certificate Two, covering the foundation principles of Human Values Education. Typically, it is a live-in experience spanning 80 hours of group work over 6 to 10 days. It is intended for those teachers and education reformers who are interested in becoming key players in the propagation and overseeing of the on-line training courses for values-based education (Mindful Teaching) in Australia and overseas. Attendance is by invitation only, and not for the general public. These Certificate One and Certificate Two workshops have been conducted in Australia and Nigeria. A shortened form has been conducted in Japan, United Kingdom, the USA, Singapore, Germany and Switzerland.

2. Introductory Workshops

These are in the form of half-day and one-day workshops for teachers and education reformers. They serve as an introduction to Human Values Education and the material covered in the intensive Certificate One and Certificate Two workshops. They are also suitable for those registered in the on-line course (Mindful Teaching) that will soon be available on this website.

3. Professional Development Workshops

The Australian Academy for Human Excellence also conducts two annual two-day workshops that give registered teachers professional development points as required for continuing registration. The two workshops are:

  • Improving Students’ Classroom Behaviour using findings from values-education research, neuroscience and mindfulness studies.
  • Mindful application of Values Education for Developing Self-Awareness in Early Childhood

An announcement will be made on this website when these two workshops will be made available, usually in south-east Queensland or northern New South Wales.

The Australian Academy for Human Excellence is a non-profit organisation and provides its workshops free of charge, apart from a fee to cover the costs of hiring a venue and the travel of the presenters, and the (no-profit) purchase of Handbook for Teachers in Human Values Education.

Workshops on Mindful Parenting

These two-day workshops are for parents and all others interested in the upbringing of children. Packed with experiential exercises, the workshop leads participants into the mindful application of the principles underlying Human Values Education to all relationships, including those with children. Essentially, it is we who have to change, so that our children can be inspired to emulate our example of joyful, virtuous living.

Mindful Parenting workshops have been conducted by that country’s Academy for Human Excellence in Australia, UK, Nigeria, Japan, Germany, the USA and Singapore.

Workshops on Self-Awareness in Early Childhood

In Australia the Academy for Human Excellence conducts an annual two-day workshop on Mindful Application of Values Education for Developing Self-Awareness in Early Childhood which can also be attended by interested educators from different countries.

Study Sessions on Journey for Human Development

These monthly 90-minute study sessions are open to all people seeking self-transformation in the company of other earnest pilgrims. They are designed to nurture a steady growth of confidence in our authentic Self whose true nature is Peaceful Mind and Open Heart.

International Online Courses

The Australian Academy for Human Excellence has written three on-line courses that have the universal Human Values of Love, Peace, Truth, Right Conduct and Non-violence embedded in them throughout. They are:

  • Mindful Teaching: The essentials of Values-based Education
  • A Scoop of Self-Help for Teens: Helping teens find their purpose and meaning in life
  • Dynamic Parenting: Relating to the highest inborn qualities in your child

All three courses are free, with rigorous, in-depth self-evaluations at the end of each module and are accessible on the website for The Institute for Human Values at