Encouraging students, teachers, parents and individuals to strive towards living the five universal Human Values.


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“Education must strengthen the springs of joy, love and peace that are inherent in the heart.”

Why Us

We are educational reformers, the only not for profit group providing resources for values-based teaching.

Our resources

Our resources are aimed at professional teachers, education reformers, parents and individuals committed to self transformation

Making an Impact Across the Globe

We are a world-wide group of citizens – teachers, scientists, businessmen, lawyers, parents, psychologists and concerned others – who believe that unless our present civilisation regains its moral compass, we are on a fast track to an ecological and humanitarian disaster of epic proportions.

Online Study Sessions

All teachers and education reformers are welcomed to these Study Sessions, each one designed to lead you into the enriching world of what our Academy terms ‘Human Values Education’.

Extraordinary Transformation

“My search for the meaning of values in my life began quite early, and there is no doubt for me that commitment to living from the values of Peace, Love, Truth, Right Action and Non-Violence have brought about extraordinary transformation.”

“I was astonished by the way they were able to reveal in a logical and simplistic manner the most difficult wisdom of all, which is that this world does not exist in reality. “