We live in a time when our understanding of the role of the teacher and the power of Values Education are coalescing. No longer is Values Education on the periphery of a curriculum that enshrines the central roles to be played by the teacher and the school in our society. It is at the very heart of these roles. Values Education is premised on the power of the teacher to make a difference….to make a difference by engaging students in the sophisticated and life-shaping learning of personal moral development. I suggest that the nature, shape and intent of Values Education has the potential to re-focus the attention of teachers and their systems on the fundamental item of all effective teaching, namely the teacher her or himself, including naturally the quality of the teacher’s knowledge, content and pedagogy, but above and beyond all of these, on the teacher’s capacity to form relationships of care and trust, and so establish a values-filled environment and, along with this, to teach about those values and so promote in students a commitment to live by those values and to build a society where justice and respect are assured.

Prof. Terry Lovat (2011)

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