Online Study Sessions

An Introduction

The Australian Academy for Human Excellence is responding to the call of many teachers who have long recognised the importance of character education being integrated into all aspects of a school’s curriculum, policies, environment and community involvement. Also there are many people who are passionate about the need for a reformation in the state-mandated education system, even though they are not actually school teachers in a professional sense – we refer to them as education reformers.

All teachers and education reformers are welcomed to these Study Sessions, each one designed to lead you into the enriching world of what our Academy terms ‘Human Values Education’.

Some of you will be coming to the Study Sessions as part of your follow-up to a Workshop or retreat conducted by the Academy. Perhaps many more will be guided to these pages by others who have already been studying these pages, thereby gaining increased understanding, learning new tools and techniques, and also experiencing new levels of self-transformation.

How to proceed

We recommend that you make use of a special, high-quality Journal in which you can record your best work, for later reflection and contemplation in the months and years ahead.

All Study Sessions are based upon the foundation material in Handbook for Teachers in Human Values Education, copies of which are available from Resources. Relevant pages for this Study Session can be downloaded from the Handbook as you proceed.