“Human excellence will blossom only when the relationship and balance between
the physical and spiritual aspects is intimately established.”

— Sathya Sai Baba

Why Us

We are educational reformers; the only not for profit institute in Australia providing human values based teacher training


Our Courses

Our training courses are aimed at professional teachers, educational reformers, parents and individuals committed to self transformation


Upcoming Training Courses

Ormeau (QLD), Australia, April 2015

Extraordinary transformation

"My search for the meaning of values in my life began quite early, and there is no doubt for me that commitment to living from the values of Peace, Love, Truth, Right Action and Non-Violence have brought about extraordinary transformation.... "
Perth (WA), Australia, July 2015


"The focus on mindfulness is beginning to enter my thinking in the smaller episodes of life. This is helping me to be not only present and more attentive but centred and more thoughtful in appraising situations as they arise and bringing to them the required response... "
Japan, December 2016

Words cannot describe

"I was astonished by the way they were able to reveal in a logical and simplistic manner the most difficult wisdom of all, which is that this world does not exist in reality... "